Agencies and industry organizations directly post original announcements on Adweek Wire. Adweek does not review or edit these announcements. Earns MRC Accreditation for National TV Ad Occurrence Reporting

Awarded accreditation for accurate and complete verification of national TV ad airings — a foundation for cross-platform ad-based measurement

iSpot, the leading TV measurement company, today announced that it has earned its first Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for the ability to accurately identify, verify and track national TV ad occurrences across 178 linear and broadcast networks.

iSpot first introduced its real-time system for TV ad cataloging in 2012, and has provided complete ad-level transparency to brands, agencies and networks for more than 2 million unique creatives to date across 63,672 brands and 179 industries. iSpot’s TV ad occurrence data is the basis for a myriad of applications that help advertisers verify, optimize and justify ad investments.

As the TV industry moves to a multi-platform ecosystem and ad inventory becomes more dynamic across streaming platforms, iSpot’s investment in the accreditation of this aspect of its ad catalog provides the industry with a fast baseline of truth for traditional national inventories which serve as a basis for critical cross-platform measurement.

“We sought accreditation of our national ad occurrence data based on our TV ad cataloging system because we know it to be the most robust, fastest and best solution of its kind for the marketplace, but also because it’s the unshakable foundation for so many products the industry is using to make transaction decisions,” says iSpot Founder, CEO, Sean Muller.

In addition, the accreditation provides more assurances for the buy and sell sides in reconciling brand guidelines attached to ad investment — including verification of pod placement, competitive juxtaposition and daypart, program and frequency commitments.

“iSpot is proud to achieve this milestone, as it signifies not just an historic accomplishment for our company, but one that the entire industry can benefit from. Having trusted, transparent and independently verified measurement starts with being able to deliver data —reliably, quickly and at scale — to drive value to the entire media ecosystem as it shifts from program-based measurement to an ad-centric model,” says Muller.

“Congratulations to iSpot for successfully completing its initial foray into the MRC’s accreditation process, which will help to drive additional value to its customers,” said George W. Ivie, MRC Executive Director and CEO. “iSpot’s newly accredited ad occurrence reporting helps to serve a crucial market need, and users can now have assurance that it meets the high bar necessary to achieve MRC accreditation.”

As agencies and brands continue to deploy multiple measurement tools in order to meet and exceed business KPIs, having transparent, full, accurate and reliable data to underpin transactions is critical for the overall health of the industry.

iSpot has made a great deal of progress over the past year on its way to revolutionizing how media is measured and transacted, and the MRC accreditation is more proof of iSpot’s industry leadership. is the market leader in real-time cross-platform TV ad measurement and attribution. The company’s always-on platform measures the business impact and brand impact of TV advertising and offers fast, accurate and actionable information that empowers brands to justify and optimize TV and video investments.