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Inscape Elevates ACR Measurement By Adding New Streaming Data With Commercial Feed+

New streamlined solution improves measurement capabilities by combining linear and streaming feeds in order to drive more accurate planning and measurement decisions for clients

Inscape today announced the official launch of Commercial Feed+, an enhanced and expanded commercial dataset that places an emphasis on streaming. Inscape’s new Commercial Feed+ will help the industry better understand ad effectiveness and the impact of TV commercial exposures in a holistic approach, across linear and streaming platforms. This unique dataset will also allow partners to access both linear and streaming from a single source, enabling better accuracy, more transparency and considerable operational efficiencies.

The Commercial Feed+ is part of Inscape’s overarching strategy to modernize TV viewing data by way of the industry’s most comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art technologies in order to help drive the future of TV planning and measurement.

Inscape’s current “Commercial Feed,” underpinned by Emmy® award-winning ACR technology, enables the identification of TV commercial detections which are validated across industry-leading sources. Built on this core dataset, Inscape developed Commercial Feed+ to deliver innovative streaming TV commercial coverage. Inscape’s new Commercial Feed+ leverages additional sources of Ad creatives and layers in ad detections beyond ACR, which increases commercial exposure visibility across multiple viewing sources. By deduplicating commercial exposure data across linear and streaming platforms, Inscape partners can benefit from a more robust dataset, allowing them a comprehensive overview for analytics and insights.

“With the explosive growth of CTV, it’s critical that the industry has a complete and efficient way to measure, understand and make decisions around both linear TV and streaming,” said John Batter, CEO of MarketCast. “Being able to leverage Inscape’s Commercial Feed+ solution, which adds streaming sources to an already robust data set, is critical to the MarketCast mission of helping our clients see beyond linear TV in order to measure the impact of advertising effectiveness across CTV streaming services as well.“

“By Incorporating more sources across both linear and streaming, Inscape is helping the industry finally consolidate media fragmentation by providing a comprehensive reporting of cross-platform TV viewing behavior,” said Ken Norcross, Vice President, Data Licensing and Strategy, Inscape. “This allows our partners to better analyze ad effectiveness and performance for planning and measurement decisions – critical inputs for content providers, brands, advertisers and our measurement and analytics partners.”

An analysis of increased streaming coverage delivered by the Commercial Feed+ found:

  • An additional 34% more ad impressions
  • 32% increase in ad hours
  • 23% more unique commercial exposures
  • With the launch of Inscape’s Commercial Feed+, the industry will now have an unprecedented way to develop a “truth set” for commercial planning and measurement that can seamlessly integrate with 1st and 3rd party data in order to build a unified solution for reach and frequency.

    For more information on how Inscape’s Commercial Feed+ can help partners generate comprehensive commercial insights faster, visit the Commercial Feed+ product page.

    About Inscape
    Inscape is a leading provider of currency-grade ACR data and the technology division of VIZIO Holding Corp. (NYSE: VZIO). Inscape’s TV intelligence platform powers incredible experiences for TV viewers, market leading products for VIZIO advertisers and is fueling the transformation in America’s TV measurement industry. The automated content recognition (ACR) pioneer generates screen-level accurate and robust, always-on data feeds containing every second of TV viewing, giving media companies, agencies, brands and measurement providers the intelligence to modernize, optimize and revolutionize the TV and streaming marketplace. Founded in 2008 as TV Interactive Systems, Inc. and later acquired by VIZIO in 2015, Inscape operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary based in San Francisco, California until 2020 when it was integrated into VIZIO’s Platform+ Business.