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CreatorIQ Details How Redken Uses Creator Referrals To Boost TikTok Engagement

A recently released white paper from CreatorIQ and TikTok outlines the best ways brands can get the most out of creator partnerships on the platform

When it comes to TikTok ads, there are few things more beneficial to brands than a trusted creator showcasing a product in use.

Take haircare powerhouse Redken, which used creator-produced product videos to drive more than $19.4M in TikTok EMV (CreatorIQ’s proprietary metric for quantifying the value of social media content) through the first nine months of 2023 —good for second in the haircare category.

A recently released white paper from CreatorIQ and TikTok outlines the best ways brands can get the most out of creator partnerships on the platform. The report explains why consumers are more likely to trust the referral of a person over that of a brand.

According to the report:

  • Creator unboxing videos garner a +31% uplift in attention
  • Ads in which creators show off products throughout the video have an +89% uplift in brand recall and +47% uplift in purchase intent
  • Content that shows products in use sees a +25% uplift in recall, +23% in ad likeability, +65% in brand affinity and +18% in consideration
  • In one particularly strong example, creator Kylie Vazzana (@ajahzi) showed her 162K followers how she uses a pair of Redken products to “fix [her] damaged beach hair in five minutes.” A quick before-and-after picture lets the audience know exactly what they’re getting into, and a voiceover and quick cuts get them from start to finish in an engaging way.

    After boosting the post as a Spark Ad, Redken saw the video rank among the top 2% and 6% in TikTok ads in retention and conversions, respectively. It was part of a strong ad strategy that reached beyond TikTok: posts tagged with #RedkenPartner garnered over $14.1M EMV across all platforms from January to September 2023.

    CreatorIQ’s and TikTok’s joint white paper dives much deeper into tactics for getting the most out of creator ads. Download 5 Keys to Successful TikTok Creator Ads to learn more.

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