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Connatix launches suite of content creation tools for publishers

Advanced tools help publishers grow video inventory & engage consumers

Connatix, the leading video technology company for premium publishers and advertisers, today announced the launch of its content creation suite – an expansive set of tools to help publishers create new video content, elevate storytelling, grow video inventory, and better engage with consumers. With these new tools, publishers can easily expand their video strategies with high-quality, scalable content and create more premium experiences for advertisers, in continued support of IAB Tech Lab’s recently updated Ad Formats Guidelines for Digital Video and CTV.

“With the new IAB guidelines, only about 10% of what was previously classified as instream still fits that definition, harming publishers that are already strapped for resources. Our content creation suite not only gives publishers a simple way to add visual elements to stories and keep readers engaged, but it also allows them to produce more instream and accompanying content – video inventory to elevate user experience and advertiser performance,” said Jenn Chen, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Connatix.

Connatix’s new tools help publishers of all sizes scale their video libraries and evolve their content strategies. Publishers looking for more instream content can create complementary videos that narrate any article aloud and pair it with imagery for a unique audio-visual experience. Those looking to create more custom solutions can easily produce bespoke videos directly in the Connatix platform with 30+ custom templates and millions of pre-licensed b-roll and audio tracks. Connatix has also incorporated syndication into its platform, allowing publishers to easily add thousands of videos from top media companies covering everything from current events to celebrity news to their libraries. 

These three new tools join Connatix’s existing content offerings including dynamic videos – thematic videos that automatically update with timely, frequently changing information and stats like sports scores, betting odds, stock prices, and more, and discovery videos that showcase a curated collection of publisher articles and videos, to create one of the most advanced content suites on the market. When these tools are paired with Connatix’s Deep Contextual™ technology, publishers can ensure that they are reaching the right audience at the right time, keeping readers on-site longer and allowing advertisers to maximize return with hyper-relevant messages. 

“Connatix has worked with many of our publisher partners for years, through the ups and downs of the industry, and we will always be here to help power their stories with best-in-class, easy-to-use video technology that inspires teams and enhances the reader journey. We are excited to give our publishers access to five of the most advanced content creation tools out there – giving them an effortless way to add more video inventory to their libraries and future-proof their video strategy,” said Connatix CEO David Kashak. 

The video creation suite is the latest offering in Connatix’s full-stack video platform, allowing publishers to deliver, monetize, analyze, and create video content. For more information visit

Connatix is a next-generation video platform for publishers. We believe in the power of the experience, and are on a mission to help publishers do more with their content by delivering quality videos at scale. With multiple ways to monetize and a focus on the experience, publishers can benefit from video advertising without compromise. To expand reach, Connatix has built an extensive independent syndication network for distribution. With highly immersive, first-to-market video formats, Connatix is creating a new generation of content experiences that are optimized for publisher success. Connatix works with over 3,000 publishers worldwide and in 2018, was ranked #2 in the comScore video matrix. Founded in 2014, the company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Tel Aviv, israel and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Visit us at!