Sports Brands Are Winning Big With Instagram Videos Seven of the top 10 come from category

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Earlier this month, fashion brands were dominating the weekly VideoWatch/Shareablee top 10 chart for Instagram videos.

Well, sports have take over the scene, with seven of the spots in the rankings going to a wide range of sports/entertainment-oriented brands. We admit that the WWE is more "entertainment" than "sports," but the plastic facemasks, tights and kneepads seem to fit in here well enough with the likes of theatrics-embracing UFC and flop-happy pro basketball. And then there's Vans: appearing on our chart for the second time with clips from a skateboarding competition.

Not surprisingly, due to the format, Instagram video continues to be dominated by brands that leverage action-packed social clips. But GoPro and Red Bull are not on the charts for once, and other companies are starting to flex their 15-second muscle.

For instance, there's Major League Baseball, making its first appearance in the rankings by repurposing a funny-minded clip from Whistle Sports' Bad British Announcing series.

Check out the MLB's work below in our multimedia infographic, which allows viewers to watch last week's top videos while seeing what kind of organic reach the brands created.

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