Bud Dominating Pre-Super Bowl Engagement But Axe's 'Peace' pops on Facebook, per Tubular

Budweiser's Puppy Love spot

When it comes to the pre-Super Engagement Bowl, the game is already over, and Budweiser won by two touchdowns. Though Axe played admirably.

At least, that's according to data compiled by the YouTube analytics firm Tubular Labs. As of Friday afternoon, Budweiser's already acclaimed Puppy Love spot had generated close to 150,000 '"engagements'—i.e. YouTube comments, Facebook shares or tweets. That's on top of a whopping 17 million YouTube views and counting.

In second place, per Tubular: Kia's Matrix-inspired spot. Despite barely cracking a million views, the ad had inspired closed to 24,000 engagements, including 19,000 Facebook shares.

Interestingly, while Bud dominated each platform, including 98,000 Facebook shares, Axe's Peace spot is surprisingly viral on Facebook, with 50,000 shares and counting, per Tubular. Axe isn't nearly as hot on YouTube and Twitter—at least in terms of engagement.

Also of note, at least 48 hours or so before game time, is Bud Light's Arnold Schwarzenegger starring spot, which is second in YouTube views, is trailing several surprising brands in total engagement, including Jaguar (24,000 engagements), Dannon (almost 14,000) and Cheerios (about 9,500).


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