Zeitgeist Watch: Curse of the Bieber

What was Graydon Carter thinking? Justin Bieber seemed like a curious cover choice for Vanity Fair—there probably aren’t a lot of tweens who want to read about the Kennedys and royals behaving badly, after all.
The numbers seem to bear that out: VF’s February issue, with Bieber on the cover, is selling 40 percent-50 percent below the magazine’s average newsstand sales, per an industry source with access to the numbers. (For the record, Vanity Fair’s single copy sales averaged 396,167 in the second half of last year.)
People didn’t do much better when it put the tween idol on the cover last spring. We’ll see if Rolling Stone manages to avoid being stricken with Bieber’s Curse—its Bieber cover goes on sale Friday.

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