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Monday, December 7, 2009
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Prime-Time Ratings:

Weekend Highlights

Friday 12/03/09

Note: The following results are based on the fast affiliate ratings (Live Plus Same Day data).  



NBC 3.2/ 6
ABC 3.2/ 6
Fox    1.4/ 2
CW    1.2/ 2

CBS: 7.53 million, NBC: 5.11, ABC: 4.56, Fox: 2.05, CW: 2.02

-Adults 18-49:

CBS: 1.8 rating/6 share, NBC: 1.3/ 4, ABC: 1.2/ 4, Fox and The CW: 0.8/ 2 each


Note: Any prior rating results are based on the final nationals. Since the level of DVR penetration has increased from 27 percent at this same point last year to approximately 33 percent at present, the overall results may be negatively impacted.


-Friday’s Winners:


-Friday’s Losers (excluding repeats):
Dreams Come True: A Celebration of Disney Animation (ABC), Dollhouse (Fox), Ugly Betty (ABC), The Jay Leno Show (NBC)


-Ratings Breakdown:

CBS won this typically lackluster first Friday in December with its combination of Ghost Whisperer (Viewers: #1, 8.23 million; A18-49: #1, 1.9 rating/7 share), Medium (Viewers: #1, 6.96 million; A18-49: 1.8/ 5) and Numb3rs (Viewers: #1, 7.38 million; A18-49: #1t, 1.6/ 5), which will no doubt be ending this spring given its episode order was slashed to 16. While CBS deserves credit for winning the evening, its impact on Friday has diminished significantly. 


NBC finished second overall with its line-up of repeat holiday special A Muppets Christmas (Viewers: #2, 4.27 million; A18-49: #2, 1.1/ 4), Dateline (Viewers: #2, 6.28 million; A18-49: #2, 1.5/ 5) and failing The Jay Leno Show (Viewers: #3, 4.78 million; A18-49: #3, 1.3/ 4).


Next was ABC care of 8 p.m. special Dreams Come True: A Celebration of Disney Animation (Viewers: #3, 3.70 million; A18-49: #3, 0.9/ 3), which was no celebration in the ratings, Ugly Betty (Viewers: #3, 4.23 million; A18-49: #3, 1.2/ 4) and 20/20 (Viewers: #2, 5.73 million; A18-49: #1t, 1.6/ 5). As reported earlier this week, Ugly Betty is moving to Wednesday at 10 p.m. (in place of canceled Eastwick) beginning on Jan. 6. Stepping into the Friday 9 p.m. hour will be Shark Tank on Jan. 8. 


In burn-off series news, Fox aired back-to-back episodes of Dollhouse, which plummeted to a series low as follows:

Dollhouse (Fox)
8:00 p.m. – Viewers: 2.16 million (#4), A18-49: 0.8/ 3 (#4t)
9:00 p.m. – Viewers: 1.94 million (#5), A18-49: 0.8/ 2 (#4)

All I can say is Dollhouse has officially earned its cancellation papers.


And The CW capped off the evening with repeats of Smallville (Viewers: #5, 1.82 million; A18-49: #4t, 0.8/ 3) and holiday special Grandma got Run Over By a Reindeer (Viewers: #4, 2.22 million; A18-49: #5, 0.7/ 2).


Source: Nielsen Media Research data (R = repeat)

Saturday 12/05/09

Note: The following results are based on the fast affiliate ratings (Live Plus Same Day data).  



CBS 3.6/ 6
Fox    3.5/ 5
NBC 1.7/ 3
ABC: 11.40 million, CBS: 5.21, Fox: 5.01, NBC: 3.13
-Adults 18-49:

ABC: 3.6 rating/10 share, Fox: 1.5/ 4, CBS: 1.3/ 4, NBC: 1.1/ 3


Note: Any prior rating results are based on the final nationals. Since the level of DVR penetration has increased from 27 percent at this same point last year to approximately 33 percent at present, the overall results may be negatively impacted.


-Saturday’s Winners:

The Big 12 Football Championship (ABC)

-Saturday’s Losers (excluding repeats):

CBS and NBC overall

-Ratings Breakdown:

Dominant ABC brought Saturday to life care of The Big 12 Football Championship (Nebraska vs. Texas) at an average 11.40 million viewers and a 3.6 rating/10 share among adults 18-49 from 8-11 p.m. Take a look at the half-hour breakdown:

Big 12 Championship Game (ABC)

8:00 p.m. – Viewers: 11.09 million (#1), A18-49: 3.2/10 (#1)

8:30 p.m. – Viewers: 11.16 million (#1), A18-49: 3.3/10 (#1)

9:00 p.m. – Viewers: 11.34 million (#1), A18-49: 3.4/10 (#1)

9:00 p.m. – Viewers: 11.18 million (#1), A18-49: 3.5/10 (#1)

10:30 p.m. – Viewers: 11.23 million (#1), A18-49: 3.6/10 (#1)

10:30 p.m. – Viewers: 11.83 million (#1), A18-49: 3.9/11 (#1)


Despite heavier than usual football competition, Fox was on the map with its veteran combination of Cops (original and repeat – Viewers: #2, avg. 5.46 million; A18-49: #2, avg. 1.8/ 6) and America’s Most Wanted (Viewers: #2, 5.68 million; A18-49: #2, 1.8/ 5). CBS aired repeats of Medium (Viewers: #3, 4.69 million; A18-49: #3, 1.2/ 4), which has not benefited by airing out of deteriorating Ghost Whisperer on Friday and CSI: NY (Viewers: #3, 4.65 million; A18-49: #3t, 1.0/ 3) from 8-10 p.m., followed by 48 Hours Mystery on the Italian murder case at 5.77 million viewers and a 1.5/ 4 among adults 18-49 — a distant second in both categories at 10 p.m.


Last, and very least, was a repeat of NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation (Viewers: #4, 1.40 million; A18-49: #4, 0.3/ 1), which is nothing more than a pale imitation of The Office, animated movie The Incredibles (Viewers: 2.61 million; A18-49: 1.0/ 3 from 8-10:30 p.m.) and a repeat of The Office (Viewers: #3, 3.74 million; A18-49: #3, 1.3/ 4 at 10:30 p.m.). 


If there is a lesson to be learned, it is viewers will respond if there is something worth watching on Saturday.


Source: Nielsen Media Research data (R = repeat)

Sunday 12/06/09


NBC 10.2/16
Fox     7.3/11
CBS    6.6/10
ABC   6.4/10

-Percent Change From the Comparable Year-Ago Period (Sunday, December 7, 2008):

NBC: +42, ABC: – 6, Fox: -10, CBS: -16


Note: The fast affiliate results for Sunday will be posted at PIFeedback.com by 12 p.m. ET. Go to the website, click on Ratings Box (the first category), then Last Night’s Results, and Sunday, November 29, 2009.   

-Yesterday’s Winners:

60 Minutes (CBS), The OT (Fox), Sunday Night Football: Minnesota at Arizona (NBC), Football Night in America, part one (NBC), Desperate Housewives (ABC)

-Honorable Mention:
The Amazing Race (CBS)
-Truly Addictive:
Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

-Yesterday’s Losers (excluding repeats):

Football Night in America, parts one and two (NBC), Cold Case (CBS)


-Ratings Breakdown:

NBC scored a typical football-ignited Sunday victory care of Minnesota at Arizona at an estimated 13.8 rating/21 share in the overnights in primetime from 8:30-11 p.m. Take a look at the half-hour breakdown:


Sunday Night Football (NBC)

8:30 p.m.: 12.8/19 (#1)

9:00 p.m.: 14.2/21 (#1)

9:30 p.m.: 14.8/22 (#1)

10:00 p.m.: 13.3/21 (#1)

10:30 p.m.: 13.7/22 (#1)


Earlier in the evening on NBC was pre-game Football Night in America as follows:


7:00 p.m. – part one: 1.9/ 3 (#4)

7:30 p.m. – part two: 3.6/ 6 (#4)

8:00 p.m. – part three: 7.7/12 (#1)


Fox also got a considerable boost from football, with the 7-7:30 p.m. primetime overrun at a mammoth 17.0/29, which led into post-game The OT (#1: 9.4/15) and annual Allstate BCS Selection Show (#3: 6.4/10) from 7:30-8:30 p.m. Next up on Fox was a repeat of The Simpsons at 8:30 p.m. (#4: 3.7/ 6), followed by repeats of regularly scheduled Family Guy (#4: 4.1/ 6) and American Dad (#4: 2.9/ 4) from 9-10 p.m.


CBS opened this first Sunday in December, of course, with older-skewing granddaddy 60 Minutes at a solid second-place 8.6/14 in the overnights. Next was the season-finale of The Amazing Race (#2: 6.9/11), followed by relocated Cold Case (#3: 6.2/ 9), which is expected to end in the spring, and a repeat of NCIS: Los Angeles (#3: 4.7/ 8). As reported last week, Sunday medical drama Three Rivers has been removed from the schedule. As for The Amazing Race, congratulations Meghan and Cheyne. That climb down from The Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas was truly amazing last night, wasn’t it?


ABC had a typical Sunday in the overnights care of its combination of a repeat America’s Funniest Home Videos (#3: 4.4/ 7), Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (#3: 5.8/ 9), Desperate Housewives (#2: 8.5/13) and the amazing Brothers & Sisters (#2: 7.0/11), which absolutely outdid itself last night. Note to Ken Olin and company: truly awesome!

Source: Nielsen Media Research data

Ratings Box:

What’s Hot/What’s Not
-Late Night in November 2009:

Based on the final national ratings in November, CBS’ The Late Show With David Letterman scored its first November sweeps victory in households, total viewers and adults 25-54, and best competitive position among adults 18-49 (tied with Conan O’Brien) in 15 years. The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, in contrast (and without Jay Leno), dipped by 50 percent in households, 52 percent in total viewers and as much as 38 percent among adults 25-54. Here are the results (with percent change versus the comparable year-ago period in parentheses):

CBS – The Late Show with David Letterman
NBC – The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien
CBS: 2.9 rating/8 share (+ 4 percent), NBC: 1.7/ 4 (-50)
Total Viewers:
CBS: 4.08 million (+ 2 percent), NBC: 2.35 million (-52)
Adults 18-49:
CBS: 1.0/ 4 (- 9), NBC: 1.0/ 4 (-23)

Adults 25-54:
CBS: 1.3/ 5 (- 7), NBC: 1.0/ 4 (-38)


With a stronger lead-in, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS beat NBC’s competing Late Night with Jimmy Fallon by 40 percent in households (1.4/ 5 vs. 1.0/ 4), 600,000 total viewers (1.89 vs. 1.29 million) and 17 percent among adults 25-54 (0.7/ 4 vs. 0.6/ 3). Both hours tied among adults 18-49, with a 0.6/ 3 each.

Source: Nielsen Media Research data

On the Air Tonight:
Prime-Time Programming Options

Monday 12/07/09
 8:00 p.m. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town (R)
 9:00 p.m. Find My Family

10:00 p.m. Castle (R)

 8:00 p.m. How I Met Your Mother
 8:30 p.m. Accidentally on Purpose
 9:00 p.m. Two and a Half Men
 9:30 p.m. The Big Bang Theory
10:00 p.m. CSI: Miami
 8:00 p.m. Heroes
 9:00 p.m. Trauma

10:00 p.m. The Jay Leno Show

 8:00 p.m. Carrie Underwood: An All-Star Holiday Special
 8:00 p.m. One Tree Hill

 9:00 p.m. Gossip Girl

-Of Note on Cable:

The premiere of TNT drama Men of a Certain Age, which tells the tale of three men (Ray Romano, Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula) approaching the half century mark. It airs at 10 p.m. ET and is, in my humble opinion, the best relationship drama since thirtysomething. For more, click here.


TV Tidbits:

Notes of Interest
-Nielsen to Measure Puerto Rico:

Nielsen Media Research has announced it will begin measuring television viewing in Puerto Rico beginning in first quarter 2010. The initial clients who have signed up are WKAQ-TV, the owned and operated Telemundo station; WLII-TV, the Univision affiliate; and independent WAPA-TV. The TV ratings will be determined from a sample of 500 homes equipped with electronic push-button meters called People Meters installed on each television set in their homes. 

-NBC Slashes Episode Order for 100 Questions:

Needless to say, it is never good news when a new series has its episode order slashed before even beginning. That said, NBC has reduced the number of episodes for midseason comedy 100 Questions from 13 to 6. 100 Questions focuses on a woman (Sophie Winkleman) looking for love who joins an online dating site and revisits various times in her life as she takes a 100-question compatibility test.  


TV Trivia Time:

The Home of Michigan J. Frog


Which former WB drama debuted first?


a)      Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

b)      Charmed

c)      Everwood

d)      Felicity

e)      7th Heaven


The answer to Friday’s question…


What did Melissa Steadman do for a living on drama thirtysomething?

boutique owner

Is: c) photographer. Melissa, of course, was Michael’s cousin and the ex of free-spirit Gary, who she never got over. 

-Current kudos goes to:
Mark Amato, Gerry Bixenspan, Barbara Bloomfield, Ronald Bozek, Lisa Brause, Larry Collins, Tom Condosta, Audrey Davis, Reid Davis, Sue Doron, Arleen Fong, Julie Friedlander, Maureen Goldman, Drew Greenberg, Carolyn Becker Hayes, Sherrie Henstchel, Brad Hight, Mark Howorth, Bob Ingersoll, Deb Kainer, Kathryn Kieser, Mark Krause, Andi Kupersmith, Steven Kurtzer, Stephen LaRue, Kevin Lee, Patty Lynch, Tricia McKee, Sharon Merritt, Jim Moore, Michael Murphy, Tony Naldrett, Stephen Narissi, Francine Purcell, Gordon Purcell, Con Rigg, David Ruckman, Mary Ryan, Marc Schacher, Karen Schiffman, Maxine Schulman, Russell Schwartz, DeWayne Snype, Mindy Staley, Michelle Stanton, Joe Swaney, Myndi Weinraub