TiVo to Build On StopWatch With Promo Metric

TiVo will add next month a suite of new features to its StopWatch ratings service, including a new promotion effectiveness metric that will identify what percentage of TiVo panelists were exposed to a program promotion. The new features are based on a combination of data culled from TiVo’s 2.6 million set-top boxes and an opt-in panel of 35,000 TiVo subscribers.

In addition to the promotion effectiveness measure, TiVo will enhance its True Targets analysis tool that will help clients breakdown and compare program and commercial viewing by segments. TiVo is also adding a reach tool to determine how much incremental audience is delivered by time-shifted viewing.

Earlier this week, TiVo announced it would begin reporting how much people go to the Web on their TV sets to view content from TiVo’s Web content partners such as Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand and YouTube.

“It is no longer sufficient to provide advertisers, brands and networks with just a few simple, stationary insights into what viewers are watching,” said Elissa Lee, vp, audience research and measurement for TiVo.