Nexstar Inks Multi-Year Retrans Deal With DirecTV, AT&T

Nexstar Broadcasting Group, one of the most aggressive negotiators of retransmission deals, announced Thursday (Sept. 4) it has signed multi-year retransmission consent agreements with DirecTV and AT&T. The agreements cover the distribution of Nexstar’s TV stations, including the high-definition signals.

“The new agreements with DirecTV and AT&T deliver valuable locally produced video content to important platform distributors. Furthermore, these agreements ensure that DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse subscribers have access to the broadcast array of entertainment choices. Our advertiser base will also benefit with greater reach to leverage their messages,” said Perry Sook, chairman, president and CEO of Nexstar.

Although terms were not disclosed, Nexstar has successfully increased its revenue from retransmission consent agreements, up 14 percent in second quarter to $4.8 million. “Our retransmission revenue stream continues to grow and we expect substantial increases on our per subscriber revenue in this renewal cycle which runs through the end of 2009,” Sook said during the company’s recent quarterly conference call.