Paul Shaffer Ready for New Flavor of ‘Fun’

The hippest bandleader in town tells AP writer he is deeply thankful for Letterman run.

Paul Shaffer won’t have far to go this Friday night, post-Late Show taping, when he is scheduled to perform at The Harvey School in Westchester with longtime pal Martin Short. That’s because Shaffer lives in Westchester, with his wife and two children.

Short was the main guest on last night’s Late Show, telling the funny story of following Tony Bennett on a 1974 episode of Norm Crosby’s Canadian talk show. Shaffer did the musical arrangement for the performance.

Today, AP TV writer David Bauder has a nice look at Shaffer and the Canadian-born musician’s memorable Late Show arc. The bandleader says Letterman’s 2000 health scare had a nice silver lining:

After his heart bypass surgery, Letterman stopped rehearsing regularly. “The show got way more fun at that point, way more spontaneous,” Shaffer said.

Shaffer jokes in the interview that he would be fine if the future deposits him at a Palm Springs piano bar. Something tells us that’s not quite where the twilight years will be anchored.