Global Ad Spending Rebounds

Global ad spending is on the rebound: Worldwide outlays jumped nearly 13 percent in the first six months of 2010 to $238 billion vs. the same period a year ago, according to a report issued today by Nielsen. By comparison, Nielsen reported a nearly 7 percent drop in global ad spending for the first half of 2009.

The research firm credited “booming emerging markets” for much of the growth as well as a return to double-digit ad spending in automotive, durables, fast-moving consumer goods, financial services and telecommunications. 

Latin America was the fastest-growing region during the first half, with spending up nearly 45 percent. (Other than the global total, Nielsen did not provide dollar figures, only percentage changes.) The Middle-East and Africa region rose nearly 24 percent and Asia-Pacific improved over 12 percent. Europe was up almost 9 percent. North America was the laggard, with growth of nearly 5 percent.

Increases occurred just about everywhere — in 35 of the 37 countries that Nielsen surveyed. (The exceptions were United Arab Emirates, down almost 6 percent, and Ireland, down 3 percent.)

The FMCG sector led spending growth on a percentage basis, up more than 21 percent, and the auto category was a close second at just under 21 percent. Financial services were up 20 percent and durables up 17 percent.

By media, television showed the greatest growth, up nearly 16 percent, and remained the overwhelming ad medium of preference in every region with a 62 percent share of total global ad spend, per Nielsen. Radio was up 11 percent, while newspapers rose nearly 10 percent. Bringing up the rear: magazines, up almost 4 percent.