E.W. Scripps Announces Two New Syndicated Series

'Let's Ask America' and 'The List' set for 7 markets across the country

The E.W. Scripps Company is entering the risky syndicated TV market with two new programs: Let's Ask America and The List, a game show and a news magazine, respectively. From the descriptions provided by the company, both sound like they're aimed at the TMZ demographic—presumably to offset the inherent risk in entering the weak syndie market amid all the other would-be Oprahs set to vie for the Queen of Talk's throne this fall.

The shows will launch in seven markets, including Cleveland and Cincinnati. 

Let's Ask America is produced by Telepictures and paraMedia and distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution; Warner Bros. international TV production will distribute the format overseas, so if the show is a hit, look for Let's Ask Mauritius before too long. The trivia show will ask viewers at home to answer questions about current events, while The List will provide the day's news in list format. Content comes from "national and local vloggers," journalists and experts as well as the D.C.-based Scripps investigative unit.

Let's Ask America is produced by TMZ's Jim Paratore; The List has Entertainment Tonight producer and TMZ.com competitor HollywoodIntel.com creator Rick Joyce at the helm.