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The 10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in December

Kobe and Messi destroy the competition

Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi have always been world beater, and it's no different on Adweek and YouTube's Ads Leaderboard for December. Teaming up for a sequel to their staggeringly successful…'s Top 10 Television Stories of 2013

The best of Info Diet, the creative force behind AMC, and the Duck Dynasty juggernaut

Here are the 10 most-read TV stories published on in 2013: 10. A la Carte Is the Worst Idea Anyone Has Ever Had By Sam Thielman During earnings calls among the major…'s Top 10 Publishing Stories of 2013

Tina Brown, the death of the magazine app and that infamous Rolling Stone cover

Here are the 10 most-read press stories published on in 2013: 10. Men's Fitness Magazine Is Remade as a Lifestyle Brand By Lucia Moses Two years ago, Men’s Fitness put Vin Diesel…

The Top 30 AdFreak Stories of 2013

Our most read posts made you laugh, cry, smile and scream

Here are the 30 most read stories on AdFreak in 2013: 30. Intriguing Ads Tell Young Girls: 'You're Not a Princess' and 'Life's Not a Fairytale' By Rebecca Cullers A tiny, all-female Catholic…

The 13 Freakiest Ads of 2013

Take cover from the year's creepiest, craziest marketing

In a year that became known for its edgy prankvertising, the question was more relevant than ever: How much should you provoke consumers to get a reaction from them? The 13…

The 25 Biggest Brand Fails of 2013

These epic blunders will fill your rubbernecking heart with joy

Arrogant, intolerant, sexist, disgusting, cheesy, tasteless, just plain stupid. Brand fails come in all kinds of off-putting shapes and sizes, though one thing remains constant—the guilty adrenaline rush of ad-enfreude…

The 10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in 2013

These supervirals earned your attention instead of just paying for it

Going viral. It's become a kind of holy grail in advertising—manufactured by consumers, demanded by clients, parodied by agencies. But in a given year, only a handful of spots break…

The 10 Best Ads of 2013

The year's greatest triumphs in concept and craft

It was a year for thinking big, and spreading the wealth. Advertisers continued to move well beyond the 30-, 60- and even 90-second spot in 2013, as two of our…

The 20 Most Viral Ads of 2013

Unruly Media's list of spots people had to share

With Thanksgiving almost here, it's time to start expecting those year-end lists. And Unruly Media is first out of the gate with quite a stocking stuffer: its list of the…'s Top 10 Television Stories of 2012

From Bronies to Family Guy, from summer and fall seasons to the upfront

Here are the 10 most-read television stories published on in 2012:   Viacom Bundling TV, Digital Buys10By Tim Peterson Right now nearly no brand knows for sure who’s watching its TV ad.…