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360i's Los Angeles Office Is Hiring Its Very First Robot Intern

Participants will beam in

Internships at an ad agency are not easy to come by—the process of getting selected for a spot on the team can be highly competitive. It can be especially hard…

Why Havas Chicago's Summer Interns Are Camping in the Agency's Lobby This Week

Fishing, s'mores and lemonade for all

Why bother asking your interns to drop off dry cleaning and pick up coffee for the team when they could be making a real effort to help your agency? Havas…

This NYC Ad Agency Captured Its Scent in a Candle and Delivered It to Colleges

Get a whiff of Mother

                  College students can get a whiff of what the New York office smells like. Mother New York Mother New York wants to give prospective interns and possible future full-time…

Droga5 Will Hire a Design Intern This Weekend, but Only Via Instagram

Competition lasts just 48 hours

It's that time of year when the next batch of graduates and college students hunt for jobs and internships. Any design-minded students still vying for one of those coveted agency…

Havas Boondoggle Amsterdam Turns Its Office Into a Crash Pad for Interns

Recruits talent on Airbnb

Advertising students and recent graduates who are hungry for a taste of agency experience—but also itching for adventure—can pay for their next trip to Amsterdam with talent and hard work.  Havas…

Condé Nast to Settle Internship Lawsuit

CEO Chuck Townsend defends now-shuttered intern program

The Condé Nast internship drama might finally be coming to a close, but not without leaving some serious damage in its wake. Today, Condé CEO Chuck Townsend announced in a memo…

Notes on an Internship

A digital nativist tweets from the morgue

Going into an internship, one has these ridiculous ideas of what to expect. Either you’ll be thrown into the depths of hell by Miranda Priestly herself, or you’ll be warmly…