Bravo’s Top Chef Crammed With Integrations This Season

Turn on Top Chef this season and you may see a prominently featured Toyota Corolla, a branded spot during a commercial break with the show's performers showcasing Philly cream cheese—or a throw to the show's website, where Cigna's "Go You" campaign and Chase's Sapphire Preferred credit card appear in webisodes.

VivaKi Study: 2/3 of Zeebox Use Happens During Commercials

It turns out that two-thirds of in-program social TV use happens during the commercial breaks, according to a study by research group The Pool (a division within VivaKi).

Zeebox Adds New TV Rooms Social Feature

Zeebox, the social network-enabled second-screen app, is adding a feature called TV rooms, which the company describes as a Facebook to connect TV fans, creators and actors.

Meet the Press Strikes Second-Screen Sponsorship With Shell on Zeebox

This summer, Meet the Press viewers using the second-screen app Zeebox will be presented with exclusive content sponsored by Shell, including photos from the Sunday talk show and surveys centered around information presented on the program.

The Spot: TV’s Best Friend

IDEA: Cookies and milk. A prom queen and her limo. A slow-running teenager and a horror-movie monster. Some things were meant to be together. You can add Zeebox and your TV to that list, says a new campaign from Mother for the second-screen app, which is jumping from the U.K. to the U.S. via partnerships with NBC and Comcast (and soon HBO, Cinemax and Viacom).