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Canada Is Getting a New Video Streaming Service

Two of Canada’s largest cable television companies are putting their differences aside and joining forces to launch a new video streaming service as the industry responds in kind to competition from online players such as Netflix.

Netflix Gets Massive Sub Bump in Q3

Netflix saw a major increase in subscribers in Q3, bringing in another 1.29 million domestic subs during the quarter (up a whopping 11 percent) and 1.44 million in foreign markets.

House of Cards Star Corey Stoll Doesn’t Bother With Cable

Specs Who Corey Stoll  Age 37

Amazon Preps Kindle TV Set-Top Box

After expanding into hardware creation with the Kindle, the Kindle Fire tablet and a rumored smart phone, Amazon is developing a proprietary TV set-top box. 

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When it comes to gamers and their gadgets, it’s hard to overestimate the time and money that will be spent. According to an Ipsos OTX study, 67 percent of gamers own an Xbox 360, nearly half play games on mobile phones, and another one-fourth do so on tablets. Gamers spend five hours a week playing (almost half the leisure time they spend online).