Wonderbra App Gives You X-Ray Vision to See Beneath Model’s Clothing

Wonderbra has come out with a new "Decoder" app, perhaps inspired by the X-ray specs advertised in old comic books—or more probably by something very similar that outdoor-clothing retailer Moosejaw did about a year ago. Using the app, you point your smartphone at Wonderbra ads—print, outdoor and video—and it lets you see beneath spokesmodel Adriana Cernanova's clothing to her underwear. Spoiler alert: Since she's a professional sexy underwear model, you're going to see sexy underwear. The app also allows you to expand the ads for product details and such, but I don't see those getting much use. I feel like I should be happy about this, but modern technology takes all the fun out of being a pervert. After the jump, check out the campaign's YouTube video—which, after you switch it to HD, can interact with the app. Via PSFK.

Women Bungee Jump Into Giant Plunging Cleavage on Wonderbra Ad

Wonderbra has developed a new bra called the Ultimate Plunge, which the marketer says gives women "the confidence to embrace the plunging neckline trend." And speaking of bravery and plunging, the marketer introduced the product with a grand stunt at the Battersea Power Station in London (the same building featured on the cover of Pink Floyd's 1977 album Animals)—putting up a giant billboard of Wonderbra girl Adriana Cernanova wearing an Ultimate Plunge and having three random women bungee jump from the top of a crane into Cernanova's mondo-cleavage. The women—Victoria Joint, Heidi Speed, and Kate Hassen—won some sort of online competition to be the first to jump. You'd think it would make more sense if dudes were invited, but perhaps that was considered too crass. Couple more jumping images after the jump.

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