Queen of Wonderbra mosaic quits modeling

We recently wrote about the big Wonderbra mosaic ad from England, shown above, made up of hundreds of photos of real women posing in their bras. Now, the woman who fronted the campaign as the mosaic’s overall image, and who got a modeling contract out of it, has quit the business in disgust after being told by her agency to slim down. "They told me that I had to lose weight and be like the other models or I was finished, so I decided to quit," Katie Green says. "I did not want to sacrifice my health or happiness." Brand Republic lists her weight as 10st 5lb, so unfortunately I haven’t a clue how big Katie is. She is 5-foot-10, which is about 5 inches taller than I am, so carrying around 10 or 12 stones shouldn’t be much of a problem. Her cup size is 30F. Of its demand that she lose 2 stone (freaking England, do I have to Google everything?), the modeling agency said: "This is a healthy size that can be achieved through exercise and good nutrition." Yeah, you achieve it, then! I suppose after reading "30F" everyone went straight to Google image search. I think I’ll join them. Research.

—Posted by David Gianatasio