Amazon Hoax Coupled With Walmart’s Price Matching Leads to Ridiculously Cheap PS4s

Update: Due to this tactic, Walmart has amended its policy to only match prices from Walmart.com and 30 selected retailers. Prices from third-party vendors, marketplace sellers, membership-only retailers and auction sites will not be honored.

Walmart to Rip DVDs for Consumers With TV/Film Industry Partnership Ultraviolet

Walmart is launching a DVD-ripping service for its customers, uploading their movies to UltraViolet's cloud so that they're accessible via the big-box chain's Vudu service. The service represents a partnership between Walmart; UltraViolet, which has everyone from Sony to Warner Bros. on board; and technology entrepreneurs (Vudu was its own company before Walmart acquired it).

Unstick Your Moronic Children With Walmart

This Walmart ad from The Martin Agency returns to the familiar theme of finding everything you want there, even items that have nothing in common and look really suspicious without context. I hope the kid's parents explained why they were buying all that stuff.

Clown scares crap out of kids in Walmart ad

Walmart's clown commercial from Publicis & Hal Riney (posted below), which broke during Sunday's NFL playoffs, is so unlike the retail giant's usual image that it borders on weird self-mockery. […]

‘Modern Warfare 2’ getting mixed bag of ads

Speaking of immersive video-game experiences, this co-branded promo by The Martin Agency for Walmart and Modern Warfare 2 relies on great performances and a well-scripted war of words to carry […]

The year’s most-liked retail holiday TV spots

AdFreak's parent The Nielsen Company (I asked for a tricycle and an iPhone, just in case they forgot) has gauged the "likeability" of this year's holiday retail TV commercials and […]

Wal-Mart and Coke throw giant holiday party

Here's that co-branded Wal-Mart/Coca-Cola ad from The Martin Agency starring John Magaro as the host of a holiday party that everyone (and his mother, and his "surprisingly cool" stepmother) has […]