Thai Life Insurance

The Boy Garbage Collector in This Thai Ad Will Sweep Up the Pieces of Your Shattered Heart

If you've arrived at this ad without having seen Ogilvy's previous work for Thai Life Insurance, take a minute or two to get familiar—here and here. Oh, and grab some tissues first, you old softie.OK, now that we're up to speed, here's the latest spot from the wizards of weeping, the sultans of sobbing, the ballers of bawling. 

Thai Life Insurance, Master of the Tearjerker Ad, Sets Its Latest Love Story to Music

Life in Thailand is pretty meaningful, judging by the heartrending commercials the country produces. Companies like TrueMove and Thai Life Insurance have been rolling out masterful long-form spots about the deeper meaning of existence for several years.

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

The best commercials this week don't have too much in common, except that they're all worth a watch. 

Have Another Good Cry With Thai Life Insurance’s Latest Beautiful, Life-Affirming Ad

They've done it again.Thai Life Insurance has unveiled another masterful mini-film by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok, the latest in a string of tear-jerking, wait-to-watch-it-at-home-so-you-don't-openly-bawl-in-your-cubicle ads that make you think about what's important in life and why your own life is important.

Thai Life Insurance Ad Will Leave You a Blubbering Wreck

Man, advertising doesn't get much more throat-lump-inducing than this. Oh hell, go ahead and weep uncontrollably at your desk, it's OK. Another tear-jerker in a long line of tear-jerkers for Thai Life Insurance by Ogilvy & Mather in Bangkok. Via BuzzFeed.