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5 Awesome Branded Twitter Plays of 2013

For the second year in a row, Twitter was the clear-cut conversation vehicle of the online world in 2013, and brands were constantly trying to raise the bar when it comes to capturing real-time engagement.

Why Tesco Mobile’s Hilarious Twitter Feed Is Actually No Joke

After our article on Monday about Tesco Mobile's trolling-the-trolls Twitter feed, the company's digital marketing agency, Jam, reached out—and we were able to meet the brainiacs behind the strategy.

The World’s Chattiest, Cattiest Corporate Twitter Account?

When a product or service is less than stellar, people often take their complaints to Twitter instead of suffering through an automated call. While many brands respond with a buttoned-up tweet asking you to call their customer-care line, Britain's Tesco Mobile has taken to trolling its trolls in hilarious LOL-speak, snark and thinly veiled insults. When @JayFeliipe tweeted "Immediate turnoff if a girl's mobile network is tesco mobile," Tesco replied: "Are you really in a position to be turning girls away?" That quip has been retweeted more than 6,000 times, and the company has since sent @JayFeliipe a gift for being so good-natured about getting publicly burned on the Internet. The banter between Tesco and its followers has been so entertaining that its Twitter numbers and engagement have since exploded. See the full feed (i.e., with replies) here. See more tweets below.