Will $100 in Free Apps Make Up for the BlackBerry Outage?

Last Thursday, as more than three days of worldwide BlackBerry service outages finally came to an end, there was one topic that seemed to be foremost in everyone’s minds: How would RIM

BlackBerry Service Outages Spread to North America

Much to the chagrin of U.S. BlackBerry subscribers, the service disruptions that have plagued overseas users have spread to North America. Since Monday, BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India have all reported glitches.

Nielsen Survey Shows Android Outselling iPhones 2 to 1

With the constant hype surrounding the iPhone 5, it’s easy to lose sight of the strengthening hold of other smartphone players—namely, Google.

RIM Announces Very Limited (and Expensive) BBM Music

On the heels of last week’s report that RIM was in talks with major record companies to create its own cloud-based music service, the BlackBerry maker announced today that it’s launching

RIM to Launch BBM Digital Music Service

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is in talks with the four largest record companies to launch its own digital music service, sources told CNET.

iPhone Still Biggest Advertising Target

Despite major shifts in the smartphone market since 2009, the iPhone has managed to hold strong as the single biggest target for mobile advertising, according to quarterly studies from Millennial Media, the latest of which is being released today.

London Riots Fueled by BBM

Over the past three days, riots have engulfed the streets of East London, with looting and violence creeping westward.