Nielsen Survey Shows Android Outselling iPhones 2 to 1

More people are buying smartphones

With the constant hype surrounding the iPhone 5, it’s easy to lose sight of the strengthening hold of other smartphone playersnamely, Google. But new data from Nielsen shows that the Android devices are actually outselling Apple’s smartphone two to one.

According to the August survey, while 43 percent of all U.S. smartphone owners have an Android, out of people who bought a new phone in the last three months, 56 percent chose an Android.

Apple’s iPhone is in a steady second place in both cases, adding up to 28 percent of all currently owned smartphones as well as 28 percent of recently acquired phones. Meanwhile, Blackberry’s slice of the pie is shrinking. While the RIM devices make up 18 percent of all smartphones, only 9 percent of people who bought a phone in the past three months decided on a Blackberry.

The study also showed that people who bought mobile devices recently were more likely to buy a smartphone than a feature phone. Although only 43 percent of mobile subscribers owned a smartphone as of August, 56 percent of people who bought a device in the past three months chose a smartphone over a feature phone.

These numbers could change significantly in the next couple of months when the iPhone 5 is finally released, said Nielsen. Apple’s share of the smartphone market typically surges when a new iPhone is made available, and the device’s launch in conjunction with the upcoming holiday season could lead to an increase in smartphone adoption overall.

@adweekemma Emma Bazilian is Adweek's features editor.