Reince Priebus

MSNBC Twitter Manager Fired for Saying ‘the Rightwing’ Will Hate Interracial Cheerios Ad

Welp, that was fast.

Liberal Media Watchdog Decries Clinton Specials

Talk about the most unlikeliest of political allies: liberal media watchdog Media Matters agrees with the Republican National Committee that NBC and CNN should cancel their special programming on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

RNC Threatens NBC, CNN Over Hillary Clinton Programming

It's only 2013 and Hillary Clinton hasn't even declared she's a presidential candidate yet—but already the 2016 presidential election is getting nasty. The GOP took NBC and CNN to task Monday in a pair of letters, accusing both media outlets of taking sides in the 2016 presidential election for intending to air programs about Hillary Clinton. 

Republicans Pounce On Obama’s Jobs Statement With Twitter Hashtag

The latest battle in the political hashtag war kicked off at 11:01 A.M.