Red Brick Road

Ad of the Day: J√§germeister’s New Commercial Deserves a Great Big Bro-Hug

When alcohol brands try to broaden their reach beyond their core crowd, the results can often be awkward or even laughable. The best ads are those that acknowledge the brand's base but create a story compelling enough to draw in new audiences.

Sad dogs teach you about power of TV ads

Here's a perfect example of the difference between dogs and cats, played out in two new U.K. commercials. For that Ikea ad, agency Mother set 100 cats loose in a […]

Don’t drive like the crazy Magners cider guy

Red Brick Road's U.K. spots for Magners Irish Cider are amusing, finely detailed and extremely well made. That said, the spot called "Straight" (below) takes something of a wrong turn. […]