Don’t drive like the crazy Magners cider guy

Red Brick Road's U.K. spots for Magners Irish Cider are amusing, finely detailed and extremely well made. That said, the spot called "Straight" (below) takes something of a wrong turn. It tells the story of the guy who delivers the apples to the mill for pressing. To ensure maximum freshness, he takes the straightest possible path. The problem is, in this ad for an alcoholic beverage, he's shown driving his truck off the road, through a golf course and ultimately crashing through the brick wall of the Magners production plant. Are we sure he didn't take a few nips before hopping behind the wheel? Perish the thought. This is Ireland, they're all teetotalers over there. A second spot, posted after the jump, is about a cricket team that hones its fielding skills by catching apples as they fall from trees. Judging from their smooth moves on the pitch, we can safely rule out alcohol. They're probably on steroids. Cricket sucks!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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