With Apple Watch Ads and Apps, the Key for Marketers Will Be Restraint

And you thought making a killer ad for a smartphone was tough.With today's unveiling of the Apple Watch, marketers are facing the realistic possibility of a looming smartwatch era that will force brands to devise effective messages on the tiniest of screens.

Science and Tech Publisher Purch Bolsters E-Commerce

From Star Trek bathrobes to home planetarium gear, online publisher Purch has expanded the e-commerce offerings on two of​ ​its most popular websites—Space.com and Live Science—with more stores in the works for most of its sites.

Purch Mixes Editorial Reviews Into its Native Ads

Purch—the online tech and science publisher of sites like Live Science, Top 10 Reviews and Space.com— will allow brands to b

Purch Mulling an IPO

Purch is looking for ways to get to the next level, and one leading option is allowing the public to buy shares. "I would consider the IPO as one possible path, amongst other paths, in the next 12 to 24 months," Purch CEO Greg Mason told Adweek.