Ad of the Day: Samsung’s Sci-Fi Soccer Epic Reaches Its Final Chapter

Samsung Mobile's epic sci-fi soccer battle, which has been playing out in big-budget videos since last November, has finally reached its conclusion.

Mountain Dew’s Exquisite ‘Living Portraits’ Show Brand’s Endorsers in All Their Mythical Glory

Mountain Dew's "Living Portraits" series is one of the most innovative and intricate short-form campaigns of the year. Who'd've thunk it, especially after the brand's high-profile ad missteps a few months ago? Created by BBDO and Psyop, each 30-second "Living Portrait" spotlights a different Dew endorser—Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., skateboarder Paul Rodriguez and snowboarder Danny Davis. Fun, freaky symbolism is used to capture the essence of each and, for lack of a better term, mythologize their lives. The spots all take a similar approach, with the endorsers seated on stylized thrones and the shot slowly pulling back to reveal bedazzling details.Davis sits on ornately sculptured ice, slurping Dew and strumming a guitar. The camera pulls back to reveal a wintry jam session with members of his crew, the ice sculptor, birds of prey and wolves in attendance. A yeti plays drums. Snowboarders soar in a rainbow sky. A cute, briefcase-sized eyeball lounges by the fire, diggin' Danny's vibes.Components move at different speeds, mixing 3-D layering and 2-D animation with live action and matte effects. Yet there's no discord, and the elements combine to create harmonious representations of the endorsers' lives and achievements.Fans can visit Mountain Dew's website to unlock the secrets behind each portrait's imagery. The outsized eyeball in Davis's spot refers to FrendsVision, where the snowboarder and his crew share information about the Frends brand and disseminate clips of themselves "performing skits, snowboarding, playing music and entertaining the public the best way they know how." So, basically, the eye opens onto another ad. I didn't see that coming.And we learn that the crew is jamming around a "peace fire," because "Danny lives his life preaching peace." That's a bit precious for me—sounds like an overblown piece of you know what—and I wonder if perhaps the symbols should have been left unexplained, adding to the mystery, allowing fans to debate their deeper meaning.The yeti's presence isn't explained at all! Smelling a Pulitzer, I sent an email, and a rep for Mountain Dew parent PepsiCo explained: "The Yeti was included as it's part of mountain folklore." Rock on, noble yeti! That furry dude really keeps the beat.See the other spots below.

Wolfenstein Trailer Takes You Into the Gears of a New Nazi War Machine

I'm not sure what I was expecting from a retro gaming remake about Nazi robot armies, but this trailer surely isn’t it. (And that's a good thing.) Agency AKQA and production house Psyop have created a slick, compelling and enigmatically dark preview of Wolfenstein: The New Order, scheduled for release later this year. Wolfenstein is one of the oldest franchises in gaming, dating back to Castle Wolfenstein in 1981. Its most famous installment, 1992’s Wolfenstein 3D, allowed you to kill Hitler while he stomped around in a robotic suit, which was about as enjoyable as it was ridiculous. In the trailer below, though, we see a much darker and more ominous take on the Nazi robot, which is apparently the Reich’s foot soldier of choice in this alternate history’s 1960. The 100-second teaser clip is definitely a fine piece of commercial cinematography, but I remain skeptical that the new Wolfenstein—or any game about a guy shooting giant, goose-stepping robots—can live up to this level of gravity.

Ad of the Day: Legacy

Attention smokers. You're not just destroying yourselves. You might also be destroying the planet.

Ryan Lochte Goes the Distance in AT&T’s Olympic Spot

AT&T's "Warming Up" spot for the 2012 Olympic Games, from BBDO in New York (and directed by Psyop), has American swimmer Ryan Lochte claiming that luck didn't get him all the way across the Atlantic to London—hard work and perseverance did. I respectfully disagree.

LG vacuum cleans your polluted sea carpet

The most (overly?) dramatic vacuum-cleaner commercial ever? It could be this new offering from Young & Rubicam in New York and Psyop for LG’s cleaners, featuring Kompressor technology. It depicts […]

KG out of the playoffs but has a nice laptop

Perhaps if Kevin Garnett had paid more attention to what was happening on the court and spent less time daydreaming about the functionality of his Hewlett-Packard notebook, the Boston Celtics […]

Coke’s ‘Happiness Factory’ cranks up tunes

While Coke's "Open happiness" ad from Spain has been getting lots of blog love, the latest installment of the U.S. campaign has launched with the third "Happiness Factory" commercial, called […]

A beautiful look at a broken global economy

This is a quite nicely done T. Rowe Price campaign from JWT New York and Psyop. The visuals are clean and appealing. They effectively underscore message that T. Rowe Price […]

Stella Artois feels tipsy with holiday cheer

This visually appealing Stella Artois holiday microsite from Lowe and Psyop tells the tale of a master paper-cut craftsman who creates a magical wintry world. I always wanted to be […]