Wolfenstein Trailer Takes You Into the Gears of a New Nazi War Machine

Dark and stylish clip introduces franchise's next installment

I'm not sure what I was expecting from a retro gaming remake about Nazi robot armies, but this trailer surely isn’t it. (And that's a good thing.) Agency AKQA and production house Psyop have created a slick, compelling and enigmatically dark preview of Wolfenstein: The New Order, scheduled for release later this year. Wolfenstein is one of the oldest franchises in gaming, dating back to Castle Wolfenstein in 1981. Its most famous installment, 1992’s Wolfenstein 3D, allowed you to kill Hitler while he stomped around in a robotic suit, which was about as enjoyable as it was ridiculous. In the trailer below, though, we see a much darker and more ominous take on the Nazi robot, which is apparently the Reich’s foot soldier of choice in this alternate history’s 1960. The 100-second teaser clip is definitely a fine piece of commercial cinematography, but I remain skeptical that the new Wolfenstein—or any game about a guy shooting giant, goose-stepping robots—can live up to this level of gravity.


Client: Bethesda Softworks

Agency: AKQA

Michael Powell – Creative Director

Akira Takahashi – Creative Director

Ed Davis – Account Director

Paul Chang – Senior Account Executive

Andy Haynes – Senior Motion Designer

Production Company: Psyop

Jon Saunders – Creative Director

Lucia Grillo – Executive Producer

Jen Cadic – Producer

Jon Saunders – Designer

Edward Laag – Designer

Kenesha Sneed – Designer

Ram Bhat – Designer

Cass Vanini – Editor

Robin Nishio – Storyboard Artist

Eban Byrne – Lead Technical Director

Pat Porter – Animation

Kitty Lin – Animation

Eric Chou – Animation

Dan Fine – Modeling

Bryan Eck – Modeling

Jordan Harvey – Modeling

Zed Bennett – Rigging

Eban Byrne – VFX

Fabio Piparo – VFX

Jonah Friedman – Lighting

Andy Gilbert – Lighting

Keith Kim – Lighting

Oliver Castle – Lighting

Andy Hara – Lighting

Brandi Diminio – Lighting

Michelle Ko – Lighting

Nick Tanner – Lead Compositor

Bo Kim – Compositing

Tim Regan – Compositing

Tobey Lindback – Compositing

Nick Tanner – Flame Artist

Music Production Company:

COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound

Jason Menkes – Music Producer

Ravi Krishnaswami – Music Arranger

Sound Design Company: Defacto Sound

Dallas Taylor – Sound Designer

Ken McGill – Sound Designer

Samson Neslund – Sound Designer

Music Licensing: Brandracket

Chris Parker