Stella Artois feels tipsy with holiday cheer


This visually appealing Stella Artois holiday microsite from Lowe and Psyop tells the tale of a master paper-cut craftsman who creates a magical wintry world. I always wanted to be a master paper-cut craftsman, but I flunked folding, and kept poking myself with the scissors. At first, my reaction to the campaign was: too bad such an evocative seasonal effort is just meant to sell beer. But it turns out Stella was originally brewed in the 14th century to celebrate the holidays, so I guess that historical tie-in makes it OK. The site lets visitors send "stars" to friends, though I'd prefer a BlackBerry Storm, in case anyone out there is gifting. There are also paper-ornament templates you can craft into festive decorations. I printed some out. Lemme just grab the scissors and … ouch!

—Posted by David Gianatasio