Pest Control

You Can Help Tomcat Kill Some Rodents on a Special Halloween Facebook Live Today

Ready to do a little indiscriminate rodent killing on Facebook Live today? Then Tomcat pest control has a campaign for you. 

Rodent Control Company d-CON Puts Missing Posters for Mice Around NYC

Rats and mice are not endangered species in New York City. (There are thought to be at least as many rats as people in the Big Apple, and there could be five times as many.) But d-CON, the rodent control company, is taking its small victories against our furry friends and publicly celebrating them in an amusing new campaign from Havas Worldwide.As one part of the integrated campaign, the agency put missing posters for rodents all over the city, at mice level (though presumably not in the subway, where they'd be more likely to be proven wrong in an instant). Havas also created the darkly comic videos below, in which mice families deal with the horror of having ingested d-CON products.Because if there's one advertising category where depictions of painful death are acceptable, even enjoyed, it's pest control.

To Catch a Pest, the Orkin Man Thinks Like a Pest in New Ads

Roaches, rats and other pests had the starring roles in Orkin's campaign from The Richards Group in recent years. And while those spots were amusing, in a creepy way, it's the Orkin man himself who takes center stage in the new campaign, which broke today. And a resourceful man he is. Each spot shows a different Orkin man in some kind of undesirable position—wedged into a crawlspace with rats scurrying around; hanging from a tree above a parade of ants; suspended halfway up a wall to see cockroaches inside an air vent. "To catch a pest, you've got to think like a pest," he says in each ad. And then, you pretty much have to act like a pest. As this campaign suggests, that's not something most people want to do, or would even be able to do. The tagline is: "Pest control down to a science," which makes it seem even less DIY—a sly way of getting people to call Orkin instead.

Ad of the Day: Terminix

This new Terminix campaign from Publicis Dallas is a masterpiece of fearmongering. Using a clever and devious little setup, the ads visually supersize the danger of termites, cockroaches, ants, etc., by equating those pests with giant, horrific hell-beasts who will eat your house and probably your children as well.

Terminix joins fight against enormous pests

Pest-control advertising sure is getting larger than life. A few weeks back, we saw the latest grossly great installment of Orkin’s big-bugs campaign (now with guitar-playing rats!). Not to be […]

Terminix creates ad with 5,000 live roaches

Nothing makes a point quite like 5,000 live cockroaches. That's how many vile critters Publicis Dallas wrangled into a squirming display for Terminix earlier this week. The roaches, originally bred […]

Enormous Orkin pests are pestier than ever

By the power vested in me by AdFreak, I hereby declare The Richards Group’s giant-pest spots for Orkin … iconic! (Ad bloggers can also perform weddings at sea between copywriters, […]

Insecticide saves Houston from jumbo bugs

Gigantic red ants swarming a Houston building as crowds look on from below? Sounds like a typical day in buggy, sweltering Texas. But ad agency Marcus Thomas insists it's an […]

Orkin’s giant insects bug people once again

Orkin's human-size talking insects make an awesome, disgusting return in a pair of spots from The Richards Group. In the ad below, a giant cockroach shows up to leer at […]

Mouse really asks for it in Euro’s d-CON ads

Euro RSCG in New York produced the spots above for d-CON glue traps, starring a man in a mouse suit who shows off some intense rodent-acting chops. His line deliveries […]