Patton Oswalt

The Most Memorable 5-Word Webby Award Speeches

The Webby Awards are known as a celebration of the best content online, but it's also a competition among the winners as to who can give the most clever acceptance speech in just five words.

R/GA Tops Webby Award Nominations

The Webby Awards released its list of finalists for the 18th Annual Webby Awards today, and with nine nominations R/GA leads the pack in the Internet competition.

Man Actually Cooks Entire Disgusting Meal Described in Patton Oswalt’s Fake Ad for Black Angus

When Patton Oswalt described a grotesquely gluttonous meal in his fake ad for Black Angus Steakhouse way back in 2004, the up-and-coming comedian surely didn't intend for it to ever be made. But this week, one of Oswalt's fans stepped up to the challenge and posted a photo gallery of his creation—a full feast of Oswalt's own design.It was an accomplishment worthy of note by Oswalt himself. "This psycho cooked—in reality—EVERY SINGLE ITEM from my 'Black Angus' bit for his friend's bachelor party," the comedian posted yesterday on Facebook. While the photos aren't exactly well-lit or appetizing, they seem just about as appealing as Oswalt probably intended them to be.The video below contains the audio of Oswalt's original ad. After the jump, check out the photos and how they compare with Oswalt's original description.Warning: The video clip is probably NSFW. (But the photos below are fine.)