Check Out Tide’s Extensive Vine Push for the Olympics

Tide's focus on Vine doesn't seem like it's going to be cut down any time soon.

Perspective: Pass the Vicks

Medical authorities tell us that somewhere around 1 billion Americans will catch a cold this year—no small part of why marketing authorities tell us that advertising over-the-counter cough remedies is a good idea right about now, with cold season at its peak.

Crazy Two-for-One Ad Parody: Carl’s Jr. and Nyquil

Some dude named Adam Ray made this twofer parody ad for both Carl's Jr. and Nyquil, in which a goofy homoerotic commercial for the former is revealed to be a nightmare caused by ingestion of the latter. Adam clearly never beat Super Mario 2, which taught my generation that dream endings are B.S. That aside, this spoof has its moments.