What’s Wrong With This Picture? Pregnancy-Test Ad Is Met With Howls of Laughter

It's not that often that a billboard is so absurd that it invites widespread mockery and goes viral in the process. But this one has—a full six years after it was made.

Inside ‘The Next Rembrandt’: How JWT Got a Computer to Paint Like the Old Master

CANNES, France—Rembrandt van Rijn finished his last painting in 1669, the year he died. So it was enthralling, and a little unsettling, to step on to a boat at the Cannes Lions festival for a private viewing of the first new Rembrandt in 347 years.

This Clever Cannes Badge Hack Helps Young Creatives Show Off Their Best Work

CANNES, France—The back of a conference access pass is generally pretty worthless, except as a place for organizers to sell ads. But what if that space could be used to advertise yourself?

McDonald’s Turns Placemats Into Little Music Production Stations Connected to Your Phone

Wasn't it fun when we were kids to doodle on restaurants' paper placements with crayons? Well, McDonald's has introduced a high-tech, musical version of that sort of play with McTrax—a snazzy placemat that acts like a little music production station.TBWA\Neboko in the Netherlands created McTrax. The placemat, developed with This Page Amsterdam, uses conductive ink, a small battery and a thin circuit board with 26 digital touchpoints. You put you phone on it, download an app and make music with in-house produced audio loops, synths and musical effects. You can also record your own voice.

KLM Organizes Amsterdam Meetups Between Locals and Flyers With Long Layovers

Airline promotions are getting awfully chummy these days.First, JetBlue invited passengers on a coast-to-coast flight to "Reach Across the Aisle" and cooperate to win round-trip tickets. Now, Dutch carrier KLM introduces "Layover With a Local" for flyers from the U.S., Canada and Italy who make stops in Amsterdam.

A Translation Site’s Clever Recipe Taste Test Shows How Wrong Google Translate Can Be

BERLIN, Germany—When you have a free competitor as hugely popular as Google Translate, your only valid option is to make the most of it.

Here’s What Happens When Kids Pick Between Toys and Household Chemicals

This Dutch PSA offers a striking reminder that brightly colored bottles are appealing to children—even when the bottles are filled with toxic liquids.

The ‘Ugliest Building’ in Rotterdam Is Transformed Into the World’s Coolest McDonald’s

A building that was once voted the ugliest in Rotterdam, Holland, has been transformed into a striking McDonald's that some are likening to an Apple Store.

If You Can’t Leave Your Agency Job at Night, at Least Get Yourself a Proper Desk-Bed

Everyone knows that ad people, along with other white-collar employees everywhere, are working longer hours and losing productivity to fatigue. But what's the solution?Some have suggested letting them go home at day's end to sleep in real beds like adult human beings with dignity. But clearly the real answer is actually NL Studio's nap desk.

TBWA Designs a Bike-Lock Poster From Pieces of Competitors’ Broken Locks

To introduce AXA's Victory bicycle lock, TBWA\Neboko scoured the streets of Amsterdam looking for other companies' broken bike locks, and used pieces of them in this memorable poster and billboard campaign (which even has its own making-of video).