Neal Mohan

Google Launches Key Ad Tech Tools for Publishers and Marketers

Google is bringing a clearer picture of advertising to the mobile world with three tech advancements it announced at a company conference in the Florida Keys today.

How to Win the Moments That Matter With Mobile Video

When I began my career in digital media, the term "captive audience" was routinely used to refer to TV viewers. In one evening, brands could reach nearly 100 percent of their audience when they were engaged with the power of sight, sound and motion.

Google Opens Exclusive Video Ad Market for Select Publishers and Brands

Google is launching a programmatic video marketplace that it says will only include premium publishers and select brands. Neal Mohan, vp of display and video advertising, announced the video ad platform today at a DoubleClick customer conference.

Google Expands Its Brand Plans With Real-Time Results

Google is expanding its Brand Lift program that measures how online campaigns influence consumers, and it is sharing results in real time to help advertisers adjust on the fly, Google’s display vp, Neal Mohan, told Adweek. Brand surveys are now offered on nearly all video and display ad campaigns through Google, he said.

Google Sets New Viewability Standard for Web Ads

Google is looking to set the tone when it comes to making sure real people can actually see ads served on the Web.