These Are the 10 Magazines With the Biggest Mobile Readerships

Those lingering few who think mobile's not a big deal need only look to a new study from the Association of Magazine Media, which found 26 percent of magazines' total readership comes from smartphones and tablets.

Magazine Ad Pages Continue to Decline, Despite Increase in Digital

MPA — The Association of Magazine Media has released its consumer magazine ad page data for the second quarter of 2013, and ag

MPA Makes Headway in Tablet Metric Standardization

MPA, the Association of Magazine Media, has finally released a game plan to implement its guidelines for standardizing digital magazine metrics, which it hopes will encourage advertisers to commit to the growing number of tablet editions.

MPA Is Getting Closer to Digital Magazine Ad Standards

Magazine publishers have found new fans for their content on tablets and e-readers, but will they ever be able to get advertisers to give them the same commitment?

Magazine Ad Pages Decline in Q1

Consumer magazines' advertising woes continued in the first quarter of 2013, with ad pages slipping 4.8 percent versus the year-ago period on declines in nine out of the 12 top categories, according to numbers released today by MPA&md

Publishers Talk Tablet Strategy at MPA Swipe 2.0

Yesterday, at the MPA-Association of Magazine Media's Swipe 2.0 conference in New York, speakers from across the publishing and tech industries gathered to show off their latest tablet products and new ways of replacing dwindling print revenue with digital innovation.

Mary Berner Kicks Off Magazine Campaign

Five months into her tenure as head of the MPA, the Association of Magazine Media, Mary Berner is trying to get its notoriously competitive members to play ball together.

‘Is Print Dead?’ and Other Tough Topics from the MPA Conference

Today’s MPA conference in San Francisco kicked off with a discussion of the magazine industry’s least favorite topic: the death (inevitable or otherwise) of print media. It was a non-MPA member, Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Ben Horowitz, who first broached the issue.

MPA’s Berner Shows She Means Business

Mary Berner, the former Reader’s Digest Association honcho who’s the new president and CEO of the MPA, is wasting no time in trying to show the magazine industry she means business.

MPA Names Mary Berner President and CEO

MPA, the Association of Magazine Media, has announced that former Reader’s Digest Association CEO Mary Berner will become its new president and CEO, just in time for the leading magazine trade association's annual conference in October.