Mass Transit

Artist Achieves His Dream of Turning a City Street Into a Waterslide

We've written before about artist Luke Jerram's ambitious plan to turn a Bristol street into a giant waterslide, but now he's gone ahead and done it.

Buses and Trains Are OK, but Mass Transit Could Use a Few Giant Waterslides

Artist Luke Jerram is turning one street in Bristol, England—specifically, Park Street—into a giant waterslide for a day. Sanitary issues aside (what happens when pigeons crap in it?), the stunt is meant to raise questions about urban planning and how to avoid the high costs of traditional infrastructure

Mind the Gap! First Advertiser Jumps Aboard the MetroCard

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority has begun rolling out ads on the front of its MetroCards. First stop: the Gap, which exhorts riders to "Be bright NYC," with the word "bright" stamped in multicolored letters against a

Ad of the Day: Midttrafik

People fight their way on to buses for one reason only—because they're overcrowded. But actually, no—in Denmark, people will push, punch, shove and claw their way on to Midttrafik buses for a completely different reason: because they're just so incredible awesome to ride.

‘Mad Men’ actors pitching high-speed trains

Mad Men actors Vincent Kartheiser and Rich Sommer get in their 1960s characters to promote, in a roundabout way, development of high-speed rail in America in the 2010s in this […]

Mass transit is good enough for the animals

These colorful ads from Belgian agency Duval Guillaume, starring penguins and fireflies, respectively, are a darling illustration of the social benefits of mass transit. Of course, buses would never be […]