Mind the Gap! First Advertiser Jumps Aboard the MetroCard

Card gets you 20 percent off at Gap in NYC

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority has begun rolling out ads on the front of its MetroCards. First stop: the Gap, which exhorts riders to "Be bright NYC," with the word "bright" stamped in multicolored letters against a deep-blue background. Available in 10 Manhattan stations, the card gets you a 20 percent discount at NYC Gap locations through Nov. 18. Some New Yorkers continue to profess undying love for their iconic yellow MetroCards, with one Gothamist commenter complaining, "It is one thing to put an ad ON the MetroCard. This is another thing entirely: the card IS an ad. Front AND back. The only mention that it is a transit fare card AT ALL is one TINY printed line." Hey, why not move your uppercase act to Connecticut and see how you like sitting in traffic on the Merritt Parkway on the way to work! On balance, the plan's far from all abhorred. Folks seem resigned to the change, and many hold out hope that it could stem future transit rate hikes. Sure, and the trains could run on time, too.