Marquese Scott

Ad of the Day: Coke and Marquese Scott Take His Robotic, Hypnotic Moves to the Next Level

The last time Marquese Scott stepped onto the stage of Atlanta's Fox Theatre, it was for one of several reality-show auditions that failed to elevate him out of anonymity. In fact, he was told to stop trying."One of the judges told me I was not going to be more than a club dancer," Scott recalls in a message to his YouTube fans. 

To Advertisers, Marquese Scott Has All the Right Moves

We seem to have reached a point where it's almost too easy to convince clients to use YouTube stars in their spots. Case in point: Not one, not two, but three marketers are currently featuring the dubstepping dance dynamo Marquese Scott in campaigns. Check him out in two spots that broke last week—Coca-Cola's "One Song. Street Dancer," in which he busts a move thanks to Coke's free-song iTunes promotion; and Peugeot's "Let Your Body Drive" promotion (created by Initials Marketing), in which Scott unleashes a whole cadre of moves in a parking garage and then invites you to submit your dance moves for a chance to win a trip to Ibiza. He even shows you the Peugeot-branded "208 Body Drive" move. As Adweek mentioned earlier, he's also in the new Roomba spot—doing the robot, of course. With all these promotions, it seems that Scott is certainly living up to his nickname: Nonstop. UPDATE: Scott also did a spot back in January for Audio-Technica's Solid Bass headphones. See that one after the jump.