Ad of the Day: Coke and Marquese Scott Take His Robotic, Hypnotic Moves to the Next Level

Triumphant return for a viral dance superstar

The last time Marquese Scott stepped onto the stage of Atlanta's Fox Theatre, it was for one of several reality-show auditions that failed to elevate him out of anonymity. In fact, he was told to stop trying.

"One of the judges told me I was not going to be more than a club dancer," Scott recalls in a message to his YouTube fans. 

Today, Scott (also known by his dance name, "Nonstop") is a viral superstar and one of the hottest talents around. And he's back on stage at the Fox Theatre in a big way, starring in a three-minute ad for one of the largest brands on earth: Coca-Cola.

"On Top of the World" is the newest of several dubstep-fueled ads that have featured Scott's robotic, hypnotic dance moves in recent years. It's also the most elaborate. 

"[It was my] first real dive into the choreography world of all-day studio rehearsals and filming, like from 8 in the morning to 7 at night," Scott told Dance Informa magazine. "Since I'm a freelance dancer, I don't work like that often. It was an intense and amazing experience."

The result is a new level of showcase for Scott's abilities, beyond just freestyling a few moves for Roomba or some headphones.

In case you're curious about his exact style, Scott says it's often mischaracterized as "dubstep" and is in fact a style called "animation."

"In animation, popping is the base, the foundation, but it goes past that," he explained to Dance Informa. "Animation has a whole other side that’s different from popping. I fell in love with animation when I was training and have since created my own style around it."

It's been about two years since Scott first hit the ad scene in a big way, and I had started to wonder if he would drop off the marketing radar altogether. But with this ad already breaking the 1 million view mark on YouTube, it's likely we'll see even more of Scott online, on TV and—short-sighted reality-TV judges be damned—on stage.


Agency: Defy Media

Production: 99 Agents, Xcel Talent Agency

Director: TK McKamy

Director of Photography: Jon Chema

Choreographers: Marquese Scott, Dakota Smith

Dancers: Jordan Melton, Nateli Ruiz, Danielle Rodas, Rachel Radomski, Kendra White, Zoie Summer, Dorian Bluprint Hector, Brandon Bam Morales, Drew Dizzy Graham, Andre Droiid Rucker, Boris TopKnoch Penton, Victor Egert Ramos, Cordaro Gross, Nicholas Chiodo.

Producer Remix/Dubstep: The Nef Project

Song: Top of The World – Asiahn Bryant, Scott Effman

Stylist: Ellie Byars

Makeup: Erica Boggart Makeup Artistry