Chevrolet, Jash Create the #BestDayEver of Positive Prankvertising

April Fools' Day is known as a day to pull pranks on your nearest and dearest. However, Chevrolet and online comedy network Jash believe that not every trick has to be mean-spirited.

Why Purina Went Digital-First With Its Grammy TV Commercial

When Purina decided to air a TV commercial during last week's Grammy Awards, the brand leaned on data from a buzzy digital spot that debuted last year.

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Condé Nast Entertainment isn't just making a splash in the digital video space.

5 Great Shows You Can’t See on Linear TV

If you're promoting or buying programming during this year's Digital Content NewFronts, one question you'll inevitably hear from clients is: "Yes, it's good—but is it as good as television?" Every service, ad-supported or not, is trying to establish a brand with content its users can't get anywh

Jash Fights the YouTube View Battle

A few weeks ago, we took a look at Jash, the YouTube comedy network headlined by big name talent, including Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts and others. In our post, we pointed out that it’s difficult for even big comics to engage their fan bases on YouTube without producing for the platform—and directly engaging with its fans—consistently.In that analysis, we noted that folks like Silverman and Watts don’t always crank out million plus view-videos. And that Jash, live only since March, had yet to become the Machinima of comedy.Well, we heard directly from Jash co-founders Daniel Kellison and Mickey Meyer, who while remaining completely polite, noted that they were not happy with the post.

Jash Shows YouTube Is Not So Easy—Even for Big Comics [UPDATED]

Early last year, following the fallout from the YouTube-funded channels effort, many pointed to a new wave of celebrities attempting YouTube channels—including Ricky Gervais and Adam

Some Things That Reggie Watts Hates

Specs Who Reggie Watts Age 41