holiday campaign

How Adobe Helped FEED Projects Create Its Holiday Campaign in Just 7 Days

When Lauren Bush Lauren, founder and CEO of FEED Projects, attended the Adobe Summit last year on behalf of her brand, she met the Adobe team. They clicked instantly, and Adobe and FEED decided to embark on a creative journey with a competition unlike any other. 

Holiday Season Means an Onslaught of Limited Edition Products

It’s that time of year again. No, not just shopping time—time for brands big and small to execute that old marketing play that consistently delivers: issuing a limited-edition version of itself. By creating a (usually false) sense of scarcity, limited editions make for quick, higher-margin sales since they always seem to cost just a wee bit more.

JCPenney Switches Creative Agencies Yet Again

That was fast. Six months after hiring Young & Rubicam to lead its creative efforts, JCPenney has replaced Y&R with a trio of agencies: Doner, EVB and Victors & Spoils.