Why Pharmaceutical Advertising Is Virtually Absent From the Web

Quick—think of the most recent digital ad you saw. Was it automotive? Retail? Most likely. Name almost any other category and the same probably holds true. Brad Weltman

Michelle Obama: Marketing Can Make America Healthier

I don't think I ever could have imagined that, as first lady, I would appear in an episode of Billy on the Street to promote fruits and vegetables and would wind up slow dancing with Big B

How South Korea Uses Psy, VIXX and All of K-Pop to Burnish Its Image

Last month, the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena hosted “The M Countdown,” a show featuring top South Korean pop acts like VIXX, BTS, B1A4, Teen Top, IU, G-Dragon, Jung Joon Young, SPICa, CNBlue and Girls Generation.

Adweek’s Klara Debuts History Book

Robert Klara writes about the history of advertising in our pages—in fact, he authors the Perspective department each week.

Milwaukee Unveils the World’s Best-Looking Police Website

After getting a ticket recently, one of my relatives, who shall remain nameless, vented his anger at the police department in the only way he knew how: He wrote them an email gloating that their website looked like crap. Pathetic, I know, but technically he wasn't wrong. If he lived in Milwaukee, however, he'd have to come up with some other insult—because ad agency Cramer-Krasselt has given that city's police force a site it can be proud of. The recently unveiled, created pro bono, features great photography, an easily navigated interface, seamlessly embedded social-media accounts, a live stream of current crime rates, and more. It's quite possibly the world's best-looking police website.

Feds Question Google’s Pre-Loading Apps

A Senate Judiciary antitrust subcommittee, which launched probe into Google last summer, is reportedly zeroing in on the search company’s relationship with Android handset makers.

#F**kYouWashington Becomes Weekend’s Hottest Non-Trend

This past Saturday night, journalist and blogger Jeff Jarvis started one of the weekend's hottest Twitter hashtags—so hot, in fact, that it never even made it onto Twitter's official trending list.

Google Could Face Subpoenas From FTC and Senate

Google could be facing subpoenas in not one but two government investigations—both the Senate Judiciary antitrust subcommittee and the Federal Trade Commission are threatening to serve the company in the near future.