Google+ Hangouts

Marketers Pick Apart Google’s Twitch Purchase

The Internet-based video game ad space has had its shares of ups and downs—as the likes of Zynga have seen revenues plummet.

Dunkin’ Donuts Runs Its First Google+ Hangout for Top Chef Initiative

Few brands this year have been as sweetly into social-media marketing as Dunkin’ Donuts, which has been particularly active on Twitter and

House Lawmakers Launch Process to Update Aging Communications Laws

Two House Republicans announced an ambitious initiative to rewrite and update the decades-old communications laws that have been overwhelmed by new technologies and new media.

Obama’s ‘Fireside’ Shows Google’s Still Into Hangouts

Less than 48 hours after his State of the Union address, President Obama will participate in a question-and-answer Google+ Hangouts session dubbed "

Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson Crash Google+ Hangouts

While Facebook Live hasn't been very lively lately, Google+ Hangouts is hanging in there.

Wallace and Gromit Spread Holiday Cheer Through Google+ Hangouts

Wallace and Gromit are back, and pitching Google+ Hangouts, the group video chat client that allows people to spend quality virtual time with one another, in this fun 60-second spot from Adam & Eve DDB, rehabstudio and Aardman Studios. While I'm surprised, and a little disappointed, by the lack of cheese in this ad, the sheep cameo more than makes up for it.