Fiat 500

MTV Star ‘Big Black’ Boykin Pitches ‘Big’ New Car in Goofy Videos for Fiat

Chris "Big Black" Boykin holds Guinness World Records for eating five powdered donuts in three minutes and eating three bananas in one minute. Now comes his latest accomplishment—making the Fiat 500 look like a roomy car.

Condé Nast Teams With Fiat on GQ-Branded Car

Condé Nast titles already boast a bevy of brand extensions—from Teen Vogue bedding to New Yorker beach towels to a Vogue

Perspective: Just a Little Something

Consider the scenario: Foreign automaker with lukewarm reputation in U.S. sees opportunity to grab market share with a tiny car that’s easy on gas and fun to drive in that Euro-geeky way. If you happen to be past your 44th birthday, this probably sounds familiar. It should. It’s happened several times (VW’s Rabbit, Honda’s Civic and, more recently, the Mini Cooper).