Effie Awards

Here Are Lots of Ways You Can Shamelessly Cheat in Your Award Show Entries

Agencies goosing their award show entries for a better chance of winning? That never happens. Does it?Such chicanery won't get entrants anywhere at the 2017 North American Effie Awards, that's for sure. That show honors advertising effectiveness. So, to win an Effie, you'll need verifiable real-world results.

Grey Toronto Wins Grand Effie for Ads Urging Kroger to Change Its Open-Carry Gun Policy

Grey in Toronto nabbed the first Grand Effie award for a Canadian agency tonight at the Effie Awards.

This Global Brand Marketer’s Winning Intensity Has Helped Multiply Under Armour’s Success

While Adrienne Lofton has worked as a marketer for global brands like Levi's and Target, it's experience from her college years that gives her an edge. In the mid-'90s, Lofton was captain of Howard University's NCAA Division I volleyball team.

Tired of Friends and Family Telling You Their Ad Ideas? This Campaign’s for You

One frustrating thing about being in the ad business is that every other living soul on earth thinks they can do your job—and probably do it better than you. This is typically made clear by friends and family telling you their ideas for ads—ideas of such clear and utter brilliance that clearly they're doing you a huge favor just by mentioning them. The subtext—that you obviously haven't come up with anything this great, or they'd have heard about it—is unspoken but implied.Of course, without fail, their ideas are idiotic, impractical or both. But this is little solace. All that says is they wouldn't know a good idea if it ran them over—making your chances of doing something that actually impresses them, for the right reasons, basically nil.The moments are cringeworthy indeed, but at least someone feels your pain.The Effie Awards just released their 2016 call for entries—seven videos from The VIA Agency that will be painfully, comically familiar to any creative who's had to field a pitch from a loved one who's dreaming of Cannes.

Facetime: Carolyn Everson, Soledad O’Brien and Steve Martin Step Out for Spring

Media parties are heating up as spring turns into summer. The Effies and Tony Awards brought out big stars, while agency anniversaries and tributes celebrated success.

Ogilvy’s ‘Sketches’ for Dove Takes Grand Effie

The applause for Dove’s “Sketches” campaign from Ogilvy & Mather continued tonight, with the brand and agency claiming the top prize at the Effie Awards in New York.

And the 2013 Grand Effie Goes to …

Wieden + Kennedy’s two-year stranglehold on the Grand Effie has ended.

Grand Effie Winner Hard to Beat

Add Grand Effie to the mound of awards that Procter & Gamble's popular Old Spice campaign has amassed since last year.

Burnett nabs Grand Effie for Detroit schools

Leo Burnett in Detroit won the Grand Effie at last night's Effie Awards for its "I'm in" campaign for that city's school system. In March 2009, the Detroit Public Schools […]