Why Vice Isn’t Publishing Reviews on Its New Gaming Channel

It already counts 11 verticals covering everything from news and sports to women's issues, music, food and tech.

In a Busy Week, PlayStation Teases Games, Touts Streaming Service and Hires a New Agency

It has been a busy week for Sony PlayStation.

Livefyre Looks to Turn Social Media Into Custom Native Ads

The Web publishing services firm Livefyre has started turning social media content into native advertising for a handful of publishers.

Zynga Taps Xbox Chief as CEO

Zynga wowed the gaming and greater media worlds by nabbing top Xbox executive Don Mattrick to become the beleaguered company's new CEO on Monday.

These YouTube Stars Represent a Massive Media Shift

Howard Hughes used to house some of his space-age airplanes in a hangar in an industrial area of Los Angeles. These days, a different kind of mad experimental genius can be found in Hughes’ old playground, which is now unofficially in Silicon Beach.

When It Comes to Ads in Games, These Guys Aren’t Playing Around

Team Detroit is late. Reps from the WPP agency were supposed to arrive for their meeting with Electronic Arts at 2 p.m. on June 5, but the client, Ford Motor Co., seems to have its time zones mixed up. But it’s no problem—this is L.A., after all.

Five Things To Know: E3 2012

Five Things To Know: E3 2012

Of Course Condé Nast Was at E3

Tucked in a far corner of the vast Los Angeles Convention Center, past the crowded bar, past the babes dressed like Star Trek crewmembers, past the massive HD sets blasting trailers of the upcoming versions of Assassins Creed