Ready for Takeoff

In 1918, the Shwayder brothers of Denver began to manufacture a newfangled kind of luggage called the “suit case.” Facing no shortage of competition from more established trunk makers, Jesse Shwayder cooked up a brilliant name and a marketing gimmick.

Worst 2012 Olympic Mascot? Dow’s Faceless Hedge Man

Meet the new faceless face of chemical conglomerate Dow. He (it?) is a giant green biped made of hedges, created by Draftfcb in Chicago. He goes to London and helps Olympic athletes train, mostly by getting in their way. He symbolizes the planet, which the ad points out, has "its own Olympic dream"—which is, not getting completely destroyed by humans.

Ad of the Day: Dow

Dow is all about putting a human face on its technical solutions to some of the world's problems. The company's latest spot, from Draftfcb Chicago, certainly has humanity to spare—it's clinging blissfully to the exterior of a moving train.

NYC Billboard’s Math Puzzle Will Make Your Brain Hurt

New York's SoHo district is getting some curious out-of-home advertising lately. First, there was the Jell-O Pudding Face billboard with the live Twitter mood-ometer. Now, a mystery advertiser has put up a giant chalkboard billboard at the corner of Broome and Crosby Streets—and has begun to etch out a scary-looking math problem for you to solve.