Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

Are you ready for some futbol?Three of this week's best ads center on the FIFA World Cup tournament in June. Nike was out of the gate first with a spot about performing under pressure, but age-old competitors Coke and Pepsi were hot on its heels with two very different spots about the same sport.

Inspirational Makeup Ads Reveal Rather Than Conceal the Women’s True Selves

IDEA: Makeup ads have a hard time being authentically inspiring, complicated as they are by issues of vanity and manufactured beauty.

Dermablend App Gives You the Skinny on Super-Tattooed ‘Zombie Boy’

Zombie Boy rises again!

Ad of the Day: Dermablend

Next time you need to hide your face tattoo, consider Dermablend Pro.The L'Oréal-owned cosmetics brand hired Rick Genest, perhaps the world's most recognizable full-body canvas, to star in its new spot from Montreal agency Agence Tuxedo—to prove just how well its makeup can conceal anything.